What was my faults? (আমার অপরাধগুলো কি ছিল?)

can you remained me about my faults?
what was my fault ?
my faults was that I always wants you to be mine only
I'm makes you jealous only
For see your love for me
I'm was angry on you of in simple mistakes
It not because I hate you
Its because I accepted you to my close
I wasn't with you every time
It because I'm got busy for make our future bright
I'm ignored you many time's when you needed me
I wasn't with you because I've lost my trust on you
I'm easily get jealous when you talk with someone expect me
It because I can't see you with other's without me
At last...I'm gives you hurts many time's
It because I'm get hurts from you
All of this I'm still loving you till my last breath 
Love you~💔


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