Every Friday I will post a video which is include from my Diary~📕🖋

Introduce myself


My name is Ridoy Nandi...
This is my blog...I was tried to make it popular..😂😂but I'm failed...
But that is true that I was tried to sent some messages to my that close person for who I create this blog
Maybe now she do mot read my blogs so I dont need to continue it more

  Thanks for read...

        Yujon~ 💔

Story of a Soldier


Lost Everything... (BrokenHeart)


waiting for you(অপেক্ষা)

I was don't want to hurt you
but i did
because I'm jealous when I see with you other person
and that's the only reason I broke you ;-)

forgives me one more time

Mistakes  it  hurts me when I did gives you all this hurt It hurts me when I'm start losing you It hurts me when I see you with another guy it hurts me when you broke your all promises It hurts me when you told me you don't have feelings for me It hurts me when you blocked me from all social media and private conversations It hurts me when you leaves me It hurts me when you said that you moved on.....

Please try for forgives me

Moved on

In this life you'll never understand my loved
Wish that in another life i will be your love and we will keep our all promises
And then I will never let you go far then me...
                    Love you~

You killing me...

You didn't understand when I'm was play with your feelings... and you didn't understand when I'm really Love's you more then myself I'm idiot for left you many times I'm foolish because I didn't trusted you when you was saying that you aren't lying Now you changed... Now you become the cruel  Now you doing the what I'm was did with you If you get someone who better then me.... Then just say it Who Am I to stand in your way I'm tried many times for move n forget you But my fking heart always reminds your Everyday I'm missing you more then the last day And every nights I'm just wait for got yours reply  I'm just wanna hug you...and told you that don't leaves me and please back to me Please forgives me if you can